16. 12. 15
posted by: Lanjastek

The establishment of B2TKE-BPPT began with the founding of the Technical Management Unit of the Resource and Energy Laboratory (UPT-LSDE) in 1987 as a conversion technology and energy utilization resource center to serve the national needs. It was the result of study by BPPT (pioneered by  Ir. Harsono Djuned Pusponegoro  and  Dr. Sudjana Sapii) and Battelle Columbus Laboratory.


The research and development of energy conversion technology especially in the field of renewable energy, such as solar energy and biomass waste (wood and rice husk) have been started. This activity was conducted in collaboration with the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (RFJ) through the Office of the Minister of Research and Technology (Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie / BMFT). In 1980 the research of photovoltaic technology, solar thermal power, fermentation, as well as gasification of wood and rice husks was started.

On August 2, 1982 an agreement of assistance from the Government of the United States in the form of soft loans and grants was signed. This assistance is intended to establish UPT-LSDE as an institution and laboratory in the field of energy technology in BPP Teknologi.

On April 21, 2004 UPT-LSDE was renamed to B2TE (the Center for Energy Technology) which is conducting the assessment, testing, development, implementation and dissemination of energy technologies that are efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

B2TKE was inaugurated on 19 October 2015 as the incorporation of the Energy Technology Center (B2TE) and the Energy Conversion and Conservation Technology Center (PTKKE) pursuant to the Regulation of the Head of BPPT Number 012 Year 2015.