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PLTP BC 500 kW Lahendong

The Indonesian archipelago lies between the "Ring of Fire" which is so rich in geothermal energy potential sources, even recognized including the largest in the world. However, the utilization of such energy is still scarce.

"Currently the utilization for electricity is still 6% of total geothermal energy source potential of more thean 28 GW, hence the chances are still very large for the development of new GPP (geothermal power plant)", said Head of GPP Program, M.A.M Oktaufik on (March 5).

The opportunity could be seen as a huge market potential to build a new domestic manufacturing industry. Until now the existing GPP is still dominated by imported technology, with low local content level (below 20%). "In fact, there is no national manufacturing industry that produces GPP technology to meet the increasing national demand", said Oktaufik.

"In The National Electricity Supply Business Plan, the development of New GPP has been planned until 2030 about five times of the current capacity, i.e from 1.7 GW in 2017 to 9.3 GW in 2030”, he added.

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Uji PVFocusing on the implementation of new and renewable energy technology, National Laboratory for Energy Conversion Technology (B2TKE) is ready to procure solar cell product testing facility according to SNI IEC 61215 in Fiscal Year 2018.

Monday (March 5), Head of Electrical Technology Division, Sudirman Palaloi said that this test facility will complement the Photovoltaic Components and Systems Testing Laboratory (LPKSF) which has been accredited ISO 17025 as Testing Laboratory.

Sudirman said that LPKSF is a reference for testing of photovoltaic components and systems in Indonesia that have served more than 500 solar module testing and other solar power plant system components from 100 companies.

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Achieving Nawacita (9 Priority Agenda) Through Innovations and Services of Technology, Information, Energy and Materials 

Raker TIEMBelitung (Feb 28), the Deputy for Information, Energy, And Material Technology (TIEM) - BPPT held a Working Commitee Meeting (Raker) for Fiscal Year 2018. The theme of "Achieving Nawacita (9 priority government agenda) Through Innovation and Service of Technology, Information, Energy and Materials", Raker led by Deputy Head of BPPT TIEM, Eniya Listiani Dewi was also attended by Head of BPPT, Unggul Priyanto and former TIEM Deputy, Hammam Riza.

In her speech, Eniya said that BPPT has made several changes, e.g. the change of vision and mission of BPPT as refocusing programs and activities, implementing bureaucratic reform agenda, and mental revolution, institutional and policy strengthening.

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