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bjhta 2018Deputy for Information, Energy and Material Technology (TIEM), Prof. Eniya Listiyani Dewi won the Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie Technology Award (BJHTA) in 2018. Eniya is also listed as the first female scientist to receive BJHTA, since this award was given starting in 2008.

Quoted from the BJHTA Award page (, awarding is intended to be a motivator ands motivation for related parties and other inventors and innovators, in order to further enhance their work and become an example for every technologist.

Tuesday (July 10), the award was held at the BPPT Jakarta Auditorium, witnessed directly by the Indonesian Technology Minister and BPPT's Founding Father, BJ Habibie. In his remarks, Habibie said that Indonesia must focus on building human resources to create young generation of young scientists who have high competitiveness and innovation towards the nation's independence in developing technology. "If we want to go forward like other nations just rely on natural resources, forget it," he said..

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After officially being inaugurated as Head of the National Laboratory for Energy Conversion Technology (B2TKE) on (June 26Silaturahim) lalu, Mohammad Mustafa Sarinanto made a gathering with all B2TKE employees on (July 6). Located in the Multipurpose Room Building 620 Energy Cluster, PUSPIPTEK Region, a gathering and halal bihalal event took place after Friday prayers

Before being appointed as Head of B2TKE, MM Sarinanto served as Head of Information Technology Centre - Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (PPATK). "Leading a unit as big as B2TKE is a challenge for me," he said. B2TKE is one of the five Great Centres in BPPT. "To be able to advance, we must be together, because B2TKE is one, we cannot if we only work with small teams, raise it," he added..

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SertijabFriday (June 29), at the 3rd floor of the Energy Building auditorium, the position of the leaders of the Information, Energy, and Materials Technology Deputy (TIEM: Teknologi Informasi Energi dan Material), BPPT was held. The rotation of functionary in BPPT is a common thing to do, to explore the leadership potential that exists and is a regeneration process. In his remarks, TIEM Deputy Eniya Listiyani said "leadership must be fostered from an early age to prepare new leaders in the work unit of the Deputy for TIEM".

The functionary who were officially inaugurated by the Head of BPPT on June 28 had the opportunity to introduce themselves and deliver their respective remarks. These are the list of the old and the new officials:

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