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R & D PLN and B2TKE, Discuss the Potential of STPP in Indonesia

PLN LitbangFocusing on the field of solar thermal, the Energy Conversion Division - National Laboratory for Energy Technology (B2TKE) received a visit from representatives of PT PLN (Persero) Electricity Research and Development Center on Monday (July 30). Led by Hamdan Hartono Alif, the visit was intended to discuss the potential of implementing Solar Thermal Power Plant (STPP) in Indonesia.

Hamdan was interested in developing research in the geothermal binary cycle in Lahendong 500 kW PLTP and 100 kW Wayang Windu conducted by B2TKE. "This (the development of binary cycle geothermal power plant research) is very interesting, the process cycle can be used for solar thermal power plants", he said.

On this occasion, the PLN R & D team also made a visit to the Solar Thermal Power Plant that uses a 2kW binary cycle owned by B2TKE. PLN Research and Development sees the opportunity of Infunde Development which plans to develop IPP with Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in Eastern Indonesia.

There are several types of CSP, namely with Parabolic Through (PT), Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR), Central Receiver System (CRS) and Dish Striling (DS). Hamdan said, "B2TKE can be involved in conducting a feasibility study on the right location for CSP placement and R & D PLN to study financial and licensing aspects". Future research opportunities are in the STPP cycle where plant operation can be longer than 10 hours of operation even though sunlight has been lost in the afternoon. So it is quite competitive when compared to PV that operates 6-8 hours. (konversi)