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Visited by GBCI, B2TKE Shows Energy Monitoring System Application

gbciWednesday (August 1), the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) team visited the National Laboratory for Energy Conversion Technology (B2TKE). Received by the Head of B2TKE, MM Sarinanto and representatives of the Energy Conversion Division, the GBCI team led by Widjojo Hardjoprakoso intends to connect the Government and the private sector to apply the concept of green building in Indonesia. 

Founded in 2009 by professionals in the building design and construction sector who are concerned with the application of the green building concept, GBCI aims to market transformation and dissemination to the community and building executant to apply the principles of green building, especially in the building industry sector in Indonesia.

"GBCI is a non-government institution that is committed to public education in applying environmental best practices and facilitating the transformation of a sustainable global building industry ", said Widjojo.

Widjojo also said that GBCI collaborates with the executant in the building sector, which includes professionals in the field of construction services, the building and property sector industry, the government through the SOE sector, educational & research institutions, professional associations, and the environment care community.

B2TKE also delivered the Energy Monitoring Information System (SIME) application. SIME is a device used to monitor and evaluate energy consumption. With SIME, B2TKE management can seek solutions to streamline energy consumption, both by optimizing the use of energy-efficient electrical devices, changing consumption patterns and implementing alternative energy.  

GBCI also had the opportunity to visit the Air Conditioner and Solar Water Heater (SWH) testing facilities. AC and SWH are devices that consume more energy than other electrical devices, with the existence of these testing facilities, GBCI hopes that the products on the market have been tested and meet the criteria for energy saving. (konversi)